Tom Nigrelli finds purpose through supported employment program

Tom Nigrelli has been thriving in his job at the Harlequin Distribution Center in Depew. Serving as a shift assistant, he has been able to work on and define his leadership skills as well as keep production running smoothly. His duties include setting up jobs in the work area, sizing up and collecting cartons to use for packing books, and making sure the production line runs smoothly.

When Pete Frunzi retired as sasi’s supervisor at Harlequin last year, Tom was the one who helped new supervisor Phil Guenther acclimate to the job and kept things going through the transition.

“Tom has been a real asset,” Guenther said. “If there are questions about any of the jobs, Tom has the answers.”

Tom said his favorite part of the job is “helping the guys out and making sure everything runs the way it should.”

Tom is proof that sasi’s Supported Employment Program works.

When asked about his future work goals, Tom said “I wouldn’t mind taking over the program.”