We offer our individuals a wide variety of community services. All of our staff are trained to match activities to the individual’s ability and comfort levels.


Respite services provide temporary relief from the demands of caregiving, which helps reduce overall family stress. This often enables families to better meet the needs of their loved one with a developmental disability. sasi offers a variety of respite services to suit your needs.

Recreation Respite

Recreation respite offers a variety of evening and weekend activities around WNY. Transportation is provided to and from the event from central meeting locations. Past outings include dances, bowling, festivals, movies, and shopping. This program allows people to have opportunities for socialization and recreation in various community settings. 

Each month, our calendar is distributed to all program registrants. Several day trips are offered through the year to local sporting events, concerts and amusement parks. Recreation is offered on both weekday evenings and weekends. For more information about Recreation Respite, please contact your MSC/Care Manager or one of our Intake Coordinators at 805-1555. 

In Home Respite

Through in-home respite, an individual receive supports from a respite staff member in their own home and services are scheduled based on the need of the family. This type of respite does not have to take place entirely in the home; it also allows for the individual and staff to go out into the community. For more information about site based respite, please contact your MSC/Care Manager or one of our Intake Coordinators at 805-1555.

Intensive Behavior Supports

Intensive Behavioral (IB) Services are short-term (6 month) services that focus on developing effective behavior management strategies for individuals whose challenging behavioral issues put the individual at risk of placement in a more restrictive residential setting. While not a crisis intervention program, this program does teach the individual, families and other caregivers how to respond to and deal with those challenging behaviors that might otherwise result in admission to a hospital or psychiatric center.

To be eligible for IB Services, the individual must live in his/her own residence or a Family Care home and must be enrolled in the Home and Community Based Services Waiver.

In-Home Behavior Services (Wyoming County)

The In Home Behavior Program is designed for individuals with developmental disabilities 12 years of age and older who receive Medicaid service coordination. The families who request this service should be interested in working with a qualified behavior specialist to develop a structured plan or routine to help them reinforce positive behavior and teach pro-social interactions. The intent of this program is to teach family/caregivers how to effectively work with their family member with a disability and reinforce positive behaviors. The program is not intended to function as a respite service. The respite program requires a separate referral.

Community Habilitation

Instructors work with individuals in their own homes to increase independence in activities of daily living. Activities may include self care, personal hygiene, food skills, community integration and leisure recreation activities. 

Community Hab Making Pancakes
Community Hab Helping Individuals Cook and Express Themselves
Community Hab During Pandemic
Community Hab Helping Individuals Connect During the Pandemic

There Is No Place Like Home

At sasi, we know that the places we call home are fundamental to living a secure, healthy and happy life. Through community partnerships, people of all ages can learn to be more independent and comfortable in their homes. sasi can help you locate a living arrangement that meets your needs that you are proud to call home. 

Apartment Settings

sasi offers a variety of apartment settings including supportive apartments, supervised apartments, and HUD apartment for individuals with developmental disabilities. Apartment amenities include a bath, bedroom, kitchen and living room. Apartment settings afford individuals with developmental disabilities to obtain and maintain independent living arrangements in the community with or without staff supports. For more information please call Intake at 716-805-1555.

To learn more about customized community living options, please contact sasi information and referral service, at 716-805-1555. Our information and referral specialists will happily assist you!

Elliott Woods Apartment Complex
Elliott Wood Apartment Complex