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What does Information and Referral do?

When you call for information and referral, a sasi representative will provide you the latest information on services and supports that are available to help make a difference in the lives of people with disabilities and their families.

What is the best way to contact sasi?

Telephone: 1-888-716-805-1555
Email: [email protected]

What can I expect from a call into sasi?

A knowledgeable and courteous sasi representative will gather information. To help us better serve you, please be prepared to describe the abilities and needs of the person for whom you are seeking assistance. This information will help determine service needs.

How can I find out more about eligibility for services?

Please see our eligibility information section.

How can sasi help if someone is not eligible for services, or if a service is not available at sasi?

sasi maintains information on recent openings in services and programs in the community and at other agencies.

I called but reached your voicemail. What should I say in a message?

Please leave a short but detailed message with your name and number stated clearly to ensure that an sasi representative is able to reach you to answer your inquiries. Your call will be returned within 3 business days.

Tips from sasi to leave a successful message:

  • State your name and phone number clearly.
  • Briefly state the reason you are calling so a sasi Representative can gather information before calling you back
I left a message and I have not heard back. Why?

If it has been more than three days, please call again. Voicemail systems are not foolproof and sometimes we simply cannot hear/understand a message/phone number and are unable to call back.

What does sasi stand for?

sasi is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to providing individuals with disabilities with supports and services that will enable them to lead meaningful lives and be as independent as possible.

Established in 1975, sasi has grown from a small community based agency to one of the largest service providers in Western New York.

What does sasi support?

sasi supports individuals with disabilities and their families. We support people from childhood through adulthood. See the Criteria for determining eligibility for OPWDD Services section for more detailed information about eligibility.

What services and supports does sasi provide?

sasi Services and supports include supervised residential settings, supportive residential settings, employment training, clinical and specialty care and rehabilitative services, recreation opportunities, respite services, therapeutic riding, community habilitation, apartment settings, day programs, dance movement program, and more.

We support individuals and their families who would like to self-direct their services. Contact us for more information.

Can someone from sasi do a presentation at my school or represent sasi at a community fair?

Yes. sasi does community outreach and presentations. If you are interested in having sasi representatives present more information about services and the developmental disability system or for more information, please call sasi at 716-805-1555.

Need more information?

Contact sasi to speak to a representative who will be glad to answer your inquiries. We’ll be glad to take your call and listen to your questions and concerns.

Telephone: 716-805-1555