At sasi, we strive to give our employees the best chance to succeed in their jobs and in their personal lives. We offer an extremely competitive employee benefits package, including industry-leading salaries, health care, paid time off, and more. 

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Open Positions

Enhanced Direct Support Professional

From $19.50 per hour

Under supervision, assists in the direct day, evening and/or night care of individuals in accordance with the policies and procedures. Assists individuals in maintenance of financial, medical and household responsibilities. Implements and monitors behavior management, individual service and program plans. Supports individuals with challenging behaviors.

Direct Support Professional

From $17.50 per hour

As a direct support professional, you are responsible for delivering quality services while maintaining a safe and therapeutic environment that supports the emotional and physical well-being of people receiving supports. You are committed to a person-centered approach and supports the activities outlined in the individual’s plans of service. You will encourage people to lead self-directed lives, including active participation in their community to the greatest extent possible.

Self-Direction Broker

From $22.00 per hour

The Self-Direction Broker is responsible for assisting people and their circle of support to develop initial or new self-directed budgets and maintain established self-directed budgets. Brokers will facilitate and attend planning team meetings to assist the person and their circle of support with ensuring satisfaction with services outlined in the person’s self direction budget. Through the maintenance of appropriate services and supports in the person’s budget, the Broker will promote desired social opportunities and programmatic connections.

Position is hybrid remote working with individuals mostly in the Northtowns.

We are offering a $500 bonus for any Broker that is hired who has already completed the necessary Broker trainings through OPWDD and is certified to begin providing broker services immediately! ($250 at start & $250 at 90 days)

Enhanced Residential Manager

From $22.50 per hour

Provide administrative and programmatic supervision to Enhanced Residential Supervisor. The Enhanced Habilitation Manager provides habilitation services to adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities in assigned facility; participates in team meetings and conducts staff meetings, as necessary. The Enhanced Habilitation Manager is the designated staff member responsible for the direction, development and delivery of habilitative services; responsible for the day-to-day administration of the assigned site and program service(s). The Enhanced Habilitation Manager shall spend a majority of their working hours in direct interaction with and/or observation of program participants and staff in areas where programs are taking place in order to assess/evaluate effectiveness.

SAGE Crew Chief (Janitorial)

From $18.55 per hour

The SAGE Crew Chief will support janitorial contracts as assigned.


  • Supervise the cleaning crew on site.
  • Directly work with cleaning crew and check on work.
  • Maintain inventory of supplies and equipment.
  • Maintain frequencies of scope of work.
  • Train new cleaning crew persons and re-train cleaning crew as needed.
  • Handle personality conflicts.
  • Communicate with Job Coaches and reviews.
  • Complete timesheets for cleaning crew on each site daily.

Speech Language Pathologist

From $55,000 – $57,500 per year

Within the administrative structure of the SASi Article 16 clinic and the requirements of New York State for the profession of Speech/Language Pathology, the Speech/Language Pathologist (SLP) shall develop and deliver professional services to individuals who are Intellectually Disabled / Developmentally Disabled (ID/DD) who require and desire such services.

In a work environment such as SASi, it is necessary for the SLP to work cooperatively with all members of the individual’s treatment team to help ensure favorable treatment outcomes and good communication.

Must have a Master’s Degree in Speech Pathology and be licensed and currently registered as a Speech/Language Pathologist by the New York State Department of Education. Also, must be a member of the American Speech and Hearing Association (ASHA) and hold a certificate of clinical competence.

Candidates must have specialized training or one (1) year of professional experience treating individuals who have ID/DD.