Group Day Habilitation provides programs designed to fit an individual’s specific needs, rather than simply placing the person in an existing program. These services promote the integration of the individual into the community by helping them acquire new skills, meet new friends, and pursue their own specific areas of interest.

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Community Habilitation offers services to individuals in their homes and in the community. The program helps them acquire new skills according to their interests, supports their efforts to live as independently as possible, and promotes inclusion in their community.

OPWDD Day Services

Sometimes there is a waitlist to receive day services depending on which program you apply to. Once we receive the application for the service the individual chooses, we process the packet of information through our intake department and contact the MSC and family to set up a tour of the program. After a tour of the program, a referral committee reviews the application and sees if there are services available for the individual and if they can support the person. If there are no service opportunities for day program, we would place the person on a waitlist. If a program or service opportunity becomes available, the intake coordinator will contact the MSC and family.

For more information on Day Program Services, please contact our Intake Department at (716) 805-1555 ext 226.

Individuals at Day Hab
Individuals at Day Hab