sasi individual buys gifts for local family in need

Lisa Ahrens has a big heart. She thinks of others ahead of herself and actively looks for ways to help people, even those she has never met.
Lisa, a resident at our K Street house, recently spent her own money to purchase toys and gifts to donate to a local family in need for Christmas. This is the third year she has done it.
“I spoke to someone from our local ‘Head Start’ program to see if they had any families in need this year,” said Lisa Chaney, a sasi residential manager. “I was told about a family with two young children that the mother has been in and out of the hospital. The children were living with grandparents. I got information on ages and sizes, and with the assistance of my staff Tammy Gust, Lisa purchased items for both children.”
It seems Lisa’s selfless act meant as much to her as it did to the family she helped. When asked how it feels to help people, she simply said, “It brings tears to my eyes.”