President and CEO Jeff Paterson elected to state positions for advocacy efforts

Jeff Paterson isn’t one to sit idly while others around him work. He’s a doer. He wants to get involved. When there’s a just cause, he’s there.

After coming to sasi a year and a half ago, he has dived into every aspect of the organization and made it his personal mission to advocate for the people we support and our staff. Beyond his sasi work, however, he has heavily involved himself in state and regional issues related to our support of people with developmental disabilities.

In the past year, Jeff has been:

He is also joining the Nominating Committee for the New York Alliance for Inclusion and Innovation.

That may seem like a daunting schedule, but it is a challenge Jeff said he is eager to tackle.

“It’s my responsibility to use the platform I have to advocate for the people we support and the staff who provide those supports,” Jeff said. “There’s no point in being a leader if you don’t lead!”