Pi Day: Vote for your favorite sasi leader to get a pie in the face

We’re doing it again!

Pi Day is coming up on March 14 (3.14.24), and we will be celebrating by giving three sasi leaders a well-earned pie in the face. And you get to decide which members of the upper crust will get their just deserts.

Just make a $1 donation to sasi and name the person you want to see get pied.

Donate: https://www.sasinc.org/donate-today/

See the list below for which sasi staffers are eligible, and check out the video from last year’s event.

If you want to check out the leaderboard, click here.

Who is eligible?

Amanda Kinmartin, Chief Financial Officer
Amanda Strianese, Director of Nursing
Amy Jaworski, Director of Program Services
Barb Lamoreaux, Chief Strategy Officer
Becky Uhteg, Vice President of Health Services
Bridgette Zittel, Director of Supported Employment
Camille Putnam, Vice President of Program Services
Diana Harenza, Director of Human Services
Elaine Mendrysa, Associate Vice President of Finance
Elizabeth Homola, Director of Residential
Gary Nochajski, Director of Facilities
Jason Pennington, Director of Information Technology
Jeff Paterson, Chief Executive Officer
Joe Place, Director of Production and Service Operations
John Bowles, Chief Compliance Officer
Karen Keyes, Chief People Officer
Katherine Nytz, Director of Residential
Kathryn Uhteg, Director of Residential
Kelly Kirkpatrick, Director of Compliance/Incidents
Kristen Schilling, Director of Treatment Coordination
Leadlay Ogden, Director of Education and Training
Lynn Kelly, Chief Development Officer
Macey Doe, Director of Moving Miracles
Macie Case, Associate Vice President of Residential
Mary Jo Schlierf, Benefits Director
Matt Krueger, Director of Marketing and Communications
Megan Dash, Director of Residential
Rebecca Buchnowski, Director of Behavior Services
Shannon Nasca, Vice President of Business and Community Initiatives
Stacey Gura, Associate Vice President of Residential
Steve Dietz, Vice President of Information Technology
Sue Hawkins, Vice President of Residential
Sue Mentecki, Chief Program Officer
Tracy Nelson, Director of Residential