National Nurses Week brings a big thank you to sasi RNs and LPNs

Since today is the beginning of National Nurses week, we want to thank and recognize our sasi nurses for all of their hard work during an ever-challenging year.  Our team was pulled in directions that we never thought possible, but their adaptability and dedication pulled us through it.

In March 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic began, which required a new and improved skillset for many.  We relied heavily upon technology and the introduction of telemedicine into our sites in order to keep everyone as safe as possible.  At the same time, PPE (personal protective equipment) became a common call both day and night.

“Technology fast became our best friend,” said Rebecca Uhteg, sasi’s director of nursing. “We learned to do telehealth visits and to educate and connect with staff working all shifts. While our main focus has been primarily on keeping everyone healthy during COVID, we have continued to ensure that the individuals maintained their optimal overall health. Although all would agree it is good to have technology as an option, they are glad to be at their sites.”

The role of a sasi nurse went beyond the care of participants in our homes and day hab. The pandemic brought on a new dimension – employee health. This included assessment of symptoms, giving quarantine/isolation instructions, testing options, and ongoing monitoring of an employee’s health until they returned to work. In late 2020, the roll out of the vaccine began, which provided yet another task to tackle.

We honor the efforts of our sasi nurses as they continue to provide the individuals we serve with the best possible health care in the safest possible manner.

Our sincere appreciation goes out to:

Rebecca Uhteg, Director of Nursing
Amanda Strianese, Nursing Supervisor
Pam Golabek, Nursing Supervisor
Tanya Filighera, Nursing Supervisor
Brittany Beamish, Residential RN
Sheila Prowse, Residential RN
Renee Fleckenstein, LPN Sardinia Day Hab
Lynn Kehr, LPN Shirley Road
Megan Bischof, Day Hab RN
Ana Branson, Residential RN
Glory Clark, Day Hab RN
Shannon Eggleston, Residential RN
Bonnie Gallman, Residential RN
Angela Wainwright, Residential RN
Bethe Curry, LPN Yorkshire Day Hab
Chelsea Grabowski, Residential RN
Colleen Herc, Residential RN
Tracy Johnston, Residential RN
Cashel Mulkins, Residential RN
Karina Pagan, Residential RN
Lori Wolfer, Residential RN
Deb Heusinger, LPN Elma Day Hab
Amy Hess, LPN Sardinia Day Hab
Melanie Pokigo, LPN Derby Day Hab