A letter from the CEO about reopening

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Dear Individual, Parent or Care Provider,

We recently received some good news from OPWDD. Agencies will now be allowed to re-open their Day Programs and other day services. While this is a very positive step, there are several hurdles that have to be cleared before people can return to program.

OPWDD is requiring all Day Providers to complete a detailed safety plan that complies with the requirements from OPWDD, CDC, DOH and OSHA. Our plan has been completed and all of the environmental controls are being put in place at our program locations.

There are extensive restrictions and requirements being imposed that will limit the number of people on vans and in rooms as well as added screening protocols, mask usage and social distancing. Additionally, we have been formalizing our disinfecting protocols and sanitation which will be critical to our operation.

Individuals, Families and Care givers will be contacted by the Team Leader from each site to obtain information to help us work out additional details for a safe re-opening. During this call, topics that may be discussed are transportation, the use of PPE and scheduling for returning to program. At that time, an individual may choose to return to the site, delay returning to the site, or enroll in other programming (if eligible) that may better suit an individual’s specific needs or inability to adhere to required precautions.

Please note that we will be reopening our sites gradually with restricted capacity so that we are able to evaluate that the measures we have put in place are effective and to maintain the health and safety of the program participants. Sasi will be opening our West Seneca location first on 7/27/2020 and then our Sardinia and Yorkshire sites on 8/3/2020. Other Day Program openings will be scheduled later in August to allow us time to recall our staff, train them on the new protocols and complete required environmental changes to the buildings. Our Community and site based Prevocational programs will also be reopening using a similar phased approach. They will reopen in similar fashion to Day Habilitation. The groups based out of West Seneca will start on 7/27/2020 and Sardinia on 8/3/2020.

We look forward to seeing everyone again, but be assured that we are proceeding at a measured pace to ensure that people are returning to a safe and supportive environment.


Anthony Annunziato
President and CEO