Information and Referral

How We Can Help

  • Answer inquiries about services and programs at sasi and in the community
  • Explain eligibility for services
  • Facilitate referrals to sasi programs as well as provide information about programs at other agencies in the community 
  • Attend community fairs and share information with family members and professionals about sasi services, programs and eligibility

Intake - The Front Door to Services

  • A cover letter indicating the service or support desired, NYS cares registry information, and if the person or family are interested in self-directing their services.
  • Region I Application for services
  • DDP2 and DDP4 showing the unmet need

Mail to:

sasi Attention: Intake
960 West Maple Ct Elma, NY 14059

Or Email to:

Applying For Services

We recommend that if you are considering services or support, now or in the future, complete the Region I Application and referral information.

The following documents are also needed:

Waiting Period for Services

The waiting period for services is highly variable and dependent on the specific needs of each person. Submitting a referral is the first step toward a certified opportunity.

Supports and Services - Designed By You

Let us help you think creatively to create the right solution for your needs, or the needs of your loved one. If you have a wait for day services or residential services placement and you would like to discuss designing supports to meet your individual needs, please contact us.

Want To Know More?

Read our Frequently Asked Questions and review criteria for determining eligibility to learn more about how sasi can help you. Also, be sure to check out our list of helpful resources