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SASi Corporate Board Of Directors

The Corporate Board of Directors is responsible for the agency's administrative oversight and the development and implementation of the organizations policies and procedures. As the sole governing body of the foundation, the corporate board of directors oversees the strategic and financial plans of all agency and foundation services.

 Chairperson: Mark Balus  Mark Balus 
 Vice Chairperson: Michael O'Connor  Michael O'Connor
 Secretary:  Thomas Geisendorfer
 Thomas Geisendorf

 Member:  Deanna Briggs
 Deanna Briggs
 Member: Lois Jackson
 Lois Jackson
 Member: Ronald Kenyon
 Ronald Kenyon
 Member: Paul Synor
Member: Sam Baker
Member: Donna Hanlon
Member: Cindy Theurer
Member: Kelly Zorn Kelly Zorn
Member: Kim Krzyzaniak Kelly Krzyzaniak
Member: John Latimore Photo Coming Soon