Meet Our Team

Image of Chance the horse


Meet Chance, a lovely 22-year-old thoroughbred/Shire, generously donated to High Hurdles in 2016. Chance has a wonderful quality of gaits. Her walk and trot are very smooth, and she’s very well-behaved for more experienced riders who are learning to trot independently. Her trot stays consistent to help her riders while they’re learning, and though she isn’t always keen on a long grooming, she’s a fabulous horse to ride!

Image of Dancer the horse


Say hi to Dancer! Dancer is a stunning 21-year-old POA mare, who is generously being shared with our program for a little while to help our young riders learn about riding and caring for horses. She might be the tiniest in the barn, but she has the biggest personality and knows how special she is! Thank you so much to Dancer’s family for letting us spend some time with her—she is such a wonderful girl!

Image of Penny the horse


Meet Penny, a 17-year-old spotted draft cross mare who has been graciously shared with us by her family. She is a favorite of the program, having gorgeous blue eyes and an eye-catching coat. Her jog is quiet and comfortable, and for riders who have had the chance to try her bareback, they will tell you she is like sitting on a pillow!


George is a very sweet and kind 20 year old Bay Quarter Horse Gelding. He arrived at High Hurdles in 2019 and has been a great help in classes. He has a history of performance in English and Western at horse shows, was used as a lesson horse, and even did some hippotherapy. He is a favorite at High Hurdles, for his beautiful dark coat and markings. George is well trained and known for his gentleness and loves being scratched on his neck!

Image of Bella Rae the horse

Bella Rae

Bella Rae is a 13-year-old Palomino Quarter Horse mare. She is a donation from Houghton College, and a sweet, quiet and very gentle soul! She gets along well with our horses and we are looking forward to having her in classes!

Image of Bea the horse


Beatrix or “Bea” as she is known in the barn, is a red roan Appaloosa POA cross mare. She has a light colored body with distinct chestnut markings and a strawberry red mane and tail. Bea is the mother hen of the herd and is always sure to check up on the other horses and make sure everyone makes it back to the barn for feed time. She has a quiet demeanor but has brisk movement when she is in the arena. She enjoys children and loves treats and attention!

Image of Snickers the horse


His name is Snickers and he is a 24 year old Percheron/Appaloosa cross (draft cross), on long term lease. He is large, gentle, kind, and gets along well with our herd, especially Beatrix. 



Henry is a Belgian draft horse and has the characteristic chestnut coloring. His size makes him distinct at High Hurdles. He is the largest horse, standing at 16.1 hands. He has a gentle, quiet nature.  Henry joined the High Hurdles team in the Summer of 2020. Henry previously plowed fields for his Amish family ponied the kids around. His large hooves, size and kind nature have made him quite popular!