Meet Our Team

Image of Chance the horse


Chance is a lovely thoroughbred/Shire cross, generously donated to High Hurdles in 2016. Chance is the eldest of our herd, at 30 years old! In her younger years she was an impressive dressage horse and eventer and has taught many people how to ride well. Chance is very well-behaved, loves to go on slow trail rides and teach small children independence. At her age she is not up for much speed, but still does her best to please her riders. We love her and hope you will too!

Image of Penny the horse


Meet Penny, a spotted draft cross mare who has been graciously shared with us by her family. She is a favorite of the program, having gorgeous blue eyes and an eye-catching coat. Her jog is quiet and comfortable, and for riders who have had the chance to try her bareback, they will tell you she is like sitting on a pillow!

Image of Bella Rae the horse

Bella Rae

Bella Rae is a Palomino Quarter Horse mare. She is a donation from Houghton University, and a sweet, quiet and very gentle soul! Bella is popular in classes and does great on a lead line. She has smooth, consistent and comfortable gaits that our rider’s really enjoy. Bella enjoys her alone time in her stall but soaks up the attention while grooming.

Image of Bea the horse


Beatrix or “Bea” as she is known in the barn, is a red roan Appaloosa POA cross mare. She has a light colored body with distinct chestnut markings and a strawberry red mane and tail. Bea is the mother hen of the herd and is always sure to check up on the other horses and make sure everyone makes it back to the barn for feed time. She has a quiet demeanor but has brisk movement when she is in the arena. She enjoys children and loves treats and attention!

Rosie Headshot


Rosie is a sweet and gentle American Paint Horse, who came to the farm in September of 2021, leased to us by a generous SASi employee. To look at her, you might not know that she is a paint, until you lift her beautiful mane to see three surprise white spots! Rosie’s background is showing in Western Pleasure and Ranch, but she has some experience in the English show world too. Rosie was quick to take to the program and fill the need for another steady horse and we love having her in the barn as she is the first one to pole her head out to greet you. She is the youngest of our herd, being born on Valentine’s Day in 2013!


Rapunzel came to High Hurdles in August of 2022 and quickly became a loved member of the team. She is a spunky little halflinger mare, who is 14 years old, making her the second youngest of our herd! At 13.3hh, she is also the shortest! Rapunzel loves to work and is happiest when she has a job to do, like teaching our independent riders. What Rapunzel lacks in height, she makes up for in personality, she is a goofy girl and loves attention from anyone. Before she came to High Hurdles, Rapunzel was owned by a family and ridden by their kids on trail rides and in gaming shows so she comes with a little bit of experience in those avenues!


Beau is a 21 year old quarter horse, who came to High Hurdles, in April of 2022. His former owner owned and trained him from the time he was a year old and they went on many adventures together. Beau was his hunting and partner and he even did a couple of years at the Erie County Fair, in their mounted patrol unit. Beau has quickly become a favorite at High Hurdles because of his gentle and kind personality, his smooth easy going gaits and because he likes to talk to everyone that goes by. You will be sure to hear him when you are at the barn!