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Snowvember recalled at milestone luncheon

Snowvember recalled at milestone luncheon

Author: Matthew Krueger/Thursday, November 21, 2019/Categories: General

Amanda Kinmartin drove home slowly — no faster than 25 mph — after her first day with sasi. Following a day of sitting through orientation, she sat in her car much longer than it would normally have taken her to drive from Elma to her home in Arcade. And she didn’t return to work for a week.

Kinmartin had the misfortune of starting her new job the day that the Snowvember storm cut through Western New York. While she didn’t have any snow at her house — “We had sunny skies and green grass” — the storm dumped upwards of 7 feet of snow in nearby Cheektowaga, Lancaster, and Alden. Kinmartin, the payroll coordinator in the business office at West Maple Court, received a phone call each of the next four days instructing her to not come into work. In fact, she only worked four of her first 10 days with sasi because of the storm and Thanksgiving.

Snowvember walloped Western New York five years ago this week. It was recalled by Kinmartin and several other sasi employees who were honored at Tuesday’s milestone luncheon at Christe’s Restaurant in West Seneca.

“That was a crazy way to start at sasi,” Kinmartin said. “I remember Barb (Moltrup, assistant to the CFO) telling me ‘Don’t get used to this!’ when she called to tell me to stay home.”

sasi honored 11 employees during Tuesdays luncheon. They are:

  • Krystal Bernhard, Habilitation Instructor at Angola Day Hab, 10 years
  • Janet Bielecki, Habilitation Instructor at Mallow, 10 years
  • Cynthia Clareus, Habilitation Instructor at Guinness, 5 years
  • Michele Connolly-Pachan, Habilitation Specialist at Yorkshire Day Hab, 15 years
  • Lynn Conrad, Job Developer at Abbott Road, 20 years
  • Leah DeCarlo, Habilitation Instructor at Kilkenny, 5 years
  • Barbara Feldman, Community Hab Manager at Yorkshire Day Hab, 10 years
  • Amanda Kinmartin, Payroll Coordinator at West Maple Court, 5  years
  • Karen Morgan, TL Community Services at Yorkshire Day Hab, 20 years
  • Douglas Perrington, New Angola Theater Assistant, 5 years
  • Michelle Steiner, Receptionist at Sardinia Day Hab, 30 years

Also marking anniversaries this quarter are:

  • Tracy Dailey, Community Support Professional at K Street, 5 years
  • Valerie Yates, Habilitation Instructor at Symphony, 5 years
  • Michael Siklinski, Habilitation Instructor at Claire, 5 years
  • Sheena Lee, Habilitation Shift Leader at Kilkenny, 5 years
  • Lindsey Calderon, Habilitation Instructor at Symphony, 5 years
  • Becky Dudley, Habilitation Instructor at Forty Road, 5 years
  • Brittany Bigham, Habilitation Instructor at Sardinia 2, 5 years
  • Bart Vaticano, Maintenance Technician at The Glen, 5 years
  • Angela Simar, Substitute at various locations, 5 years
  • Mellisha Little, Habilitation Instructor at K Street, 5 years
  • Jennifer Hahn, Habilitation Instructor at Symphony, 5 years
  • Daniel Gonser, Habilitation Instructor at Heiler Drive, 5 years
  • Devon Smith, IT Technician at West Maple Court, 5 years
  • Kathleen Shisler, Habilitation Instructor at Cain Road, 10 years
  • Denise Braasch, Habilitation Instructor at Ennis, 10 years
  • Amanda Tanyi, Habilitation Instructor at Tramore, 10 years
  • Rebecca Hedges, Habilitation Instructor at Forty Road, 10 years
  • John Bowles, VP of Quality Management at West Maple Court, 15 years
  • Douglas Barber, Maintenance Technician at Sardinia, 20 years
  • Cara Rimbey, Habilitation Instructor at Sardinia Day Hab, 20 years
  • Melanie Pokigo, LPN at Angola Day Hab, 25 years

President and CEO Anthony Annunziato commended everyone at the luncheon for the longevity with sasi and called them all role models.

“We know about the extra shifts and how hard you have all been working,” he said. “We appreciate everything you do.”


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