Service Coordination

Service Coordination

Our Service Coordinators (MSCs) help develop your goals, address your needs, and explore your options through Person Centered Planning. We provide people with linkage to many services including financial, medical, and habilitation resources. The ultimate goal of every Service Coordinator is to help individuals to obtain the supports necessary to reach their highest level of independence.

Social Services

Our MSCs can provide information on programs that make a difference in the lives of people with disabilities and their families. MSC staff understand the services available and work with individuals to help people find the right service for the goals they have in mind.

Parents and Youth

If you are a parent with a developmental disability or you care for children with a developmental disability, we have MSC staff who specialize in working for families like yours. We also link you to services, including habilitation services, residential services, day programs, respite, and counseling. We provide advocacy to your family during Family Court hearings, CSE (Committee on Special Education) meetings and work with the school to support the needs of your child. MSC staff can assist you in obtaining or maintaining public benefits like Medicaid, Temporary Assistance, SSI and SSD.

Individualized Services Environment (ISE)

ISE is a personal plan created from our menu of programs and services that are chosen by you, to fit your needs. Your person centered plan offers the best results when it is designed by you and for you!

Consolidated Supports and Services (CSS)

CSS offers individuals a wide variety of self-directed services. You can choose what resources you need and hire your own staff to build a circle of support in your community. This choice-based program is designed to promote your independence while affording you the level of supports you need.