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sasi Unveils New Logo, Branding as Result of Merger with Claddagh

Author: SASi News/Monday, May 01, 2017/Categories: General

In January of 2016, sasi and the Claddagh Commission merged to create a new, combined organization with a commitment to excellence and a productive future for individuals with developmental disabilities. 

As we move forward together, sasi is proud to unveil a fresh new logo and branding designs that are representative of the successful pasts of both agencies, but also indicative of our promising future. 

sasi's previous logo, which featured a character reaching for a gold star, has been updated to an icon symbolic of the merger between the two organizations. Within the icon, the previous “sasi blue” and “Claddagh green” colors blend together, as our new, combined organization will build greater capacity, and insure the long-term sustainability of quality services within communities.

The new icon in the logo is also representative of a person whose life is transforming and moving in a forward direction, as “sasi” follows behind to offer the supports needed to reach desired outcomes.  

Our new tagline “transforming lives,” refers to the significant impact that sasi  has, not only on the lives of the individuals we support, but also on their families and our employees.  In addition, this new tagline perfectly summarizes sasi’s new mission statement and vision. 

Our mission is, “transforming lives through creative opportunities and excellent supports for people with disabilities and special needs.” 

The final piece of the new sasi branding is the updated vision statement, which reads, “sasi believes in a future where all persons, regardless of their ability, can reach their full potential as responsible, valued and contributing members of their community. We strive for excellence in providing employment, healthcare, housing options and community supports that are chosen by individuals and families. Together we transform lives and bring dignity, purpose, confidence and hope to every individual, every day.”


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