Meet Our Team

Meet our High Hurdles team of horses! 
 High Hurdles Therapeutic Riding Center, Sardinia, NY, Horses


Meet Chance, a lovely 22-year-old thoroughbred/Shire, generously donated to High Hurdles in 2016. Chance has a wonderful quality of gaits. Her walk and trot are very smooth, and she's very well-behaved for more experienced riders who are learning to trot independently. Her trot stays consistent to help her riders while they're learning, and though she isn't always keen on a long grooming, she's a fabulous horse to ride!

High Hurdles Therapeutic Riding Center, Sardinia, NY, Horses


Meet Dancer, a stunning 21-year-old POA mare, who is generously being shared with our program for a little while to help our young riders learn about riding and caring for horses. She might be the tiniest in the barn, but she has the biggest personality and knows how special she is! Thank you so much to Dancer’s family for letting us spend some time with her—she is such a wonderful girl!

High Hurdles Therapeutic Riding Program, Sardinia, NY, Horses


Meet Cody, a 21-year-old Morgan/Quarter Horse gelding who loves nothing more than ‘smiling’ for a treat! He’s a wonderful ride, with a smooth trot and soft mouth. He has a great education, and is capable of some pretty fancy maneuvers when asked by a more advanced rider, but prefers to spend time snuggling with the most novice rider. Thanks to the Rosier family for sharing Cody with our program! 

High Hurdles Therapeutic Riding Center, Sardinia, NY, Horses


Meet Penny, a 17-year-old spotted draft cross mare who has been graciously shared with us by her family. She is a favorite of the program, having gorgeous blue eyes and an eye-catching coat. Her jog is quiet and comfortable, and for riders who have had the chance to try her bareback, they will tell you she is like sitting on a pillow!


Meet Danny, a handsome 19 year old Quarter Horse who was shared with the program in October of  2017. He is a curious and very sweet boy who seems to like being involved. Danny’s kindness can be seen through his soft expressive eye. He is enjoying the attention he is receiving in the barn and his kind and quiet attitude are well received by both beginner and more advanced riders. 


Matrix is a 21-year-old paint gelding, generously donated to High Hurdles by Houghton College in October of 2017. He has a good education, with a background in English, Dressage, trail, western and even jumping. He has smooth gaits with a forward moving walk and trot. His good attitude and kind nature as well as his versatility will be appreciated by all levels of riders.


Fionn is a tall chestnut and white Medicine Hat American Paint Horse. His color is very striking with a mottled appearance in his chestnut coloring. Fionn has a lot of white, as is often seen in Medicine Hat coloring, with a distinct brown colored patch on his head and ears. He is 14 years old and has training in both western and dressage, and has enjoyed trail riding. Fionn tends to be laid back and enjoys going slow in the arena, however he is not afraid to let loose and take a gallop across the pasture! Interestingly, Fionn was once used in a medieval group as a jousting horse! He did swordplay and even carried around the King at times! He has now given up his jousting days to help teach our riders.