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SASi has served business, government and military customers with a variety of products and services for nearly 40 years. Our work is performed with pride by hard-working Americans overcoming physical and psychological barries through our employment support programs.

As a not-for-profit rehabilitative services provider, SASi employs 300 individuals on average and provides the training and supports they need to work. Your use of SASi products and services helps the most underserved segment of our population gain employment and contribute to the American economy. Thank you for your business. Sales revenue is reinvested in the agency to cover expenses and support our mission. 

We Solve:

  • Procurement Needs
  • Labor Deficiencies
  • Work Space Limitations
  • Time Crunchs
  • Cost Constraints

We serve both domestic and international customers from multiple production facilities in the Buffalo Niagara region of Upstate New York. Our location is well served by major road, rail and air transportation. We can also ship and receive tractor trailer loads. 

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Learn more about SASi's Employment Support Program for people with disabilities.