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Individual's Rights

SASi recognizes that individuals receiving services have unequivocal rights as expressed in the U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights. As a provider agency, SASi adheres to both State and Federal rules and regulations including Part 633 which define these Rights and Parts 624 and 625 which are designed for the protection of people with Developmental Disabilities.

Success is defined as achieving, “a favorable result that one has tried or hoped for” (Random House 1991). On a daily basis and in a variety of ways, individuals who receive services through SASi achieve success. Whether it’s the 45 year-old woman who just completed her first day at work or the teenager who scores a run during a softball game, everyone has dreams and progresses at their own pace.

SASi has been assisting individuals with special needs for over 30 years. Although philosophies, funding sources and regulations may have changed, SASi’s commitment to focusing on an individual’s desires has been consistent. This has assisted us in becoming one of Western New York’s leading agencies.

SASi remains progressive by creating a culture of excellence through awareness and self-evaluation. Staff receives on-going training and support. Systems are evaluated and revisions are made for continuous quality improvement.